It’s been a long time coming guys! Annie and I are stoked to announce that we have officially teamed up. As a wedding videographer, I constantly get asked if I know of any great wedding photographers. Without hesitation, I say “Annie Ritter-Jones.” She has never let me down and is a pleasure to work with. I’m really fortunate to have gotten to know Annie and I’m happy to consider her a close friend. She is constantly searching for new ways to improve her skills, continues to upgrade her equipment, and is just as much of a goofball as I am. Ultimately, the two major components we have noticed couples really look for, in choosing a great photo and video vendor is, do they do great work? And, are they fun to work with? Meaning, do I have to worry whether or not they are competent in delivering great work, and are these people I would enjoy being around on my wedding day? I have never been more confident in fulfilling both of those key elements than when working with Annie. Here are a couple of scenarios that help emphasize why hiring a team can play to your advantage. Prior to the wedding, Annie and I will have discussed exactly what the couple expressed to us individually, this allows us to keep each other accountable as a team. Not to mention, during the ceremony, if she was asked to focus on the bride coming down the aisle and I was instructed to focus on the groom’s reaction, there will be no “accident” in which one of us would block a shot.

Let’s just say for example the couple is wrapping up getting ready and is preparing for their first look. For some reason, I got sidetracked and was filming the venue when I should be attaching a mic on the groom. Annie, would recognize that and notify me to get that mic on, in the appropriate amount of time. I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect. Annie on the other hand never has taken an ugly photo or missed an important event. Jokes aside, we have each other’s back and will always strive to stay on schedule. The Ceremony just finished and we know that we only have 25 minutes to capture the couple alone before their grand entrance. Annie knows that I would like to capture the sunset with my drone, so she notifies me to go ahead while she takes the couple out for the first 15 minutes, being that we are in constant communication via radios, she will notify me when I should be back ready to capture the couple. We aim to deliver something greater than our work, to serve our couples, and to create unforgettable experiences. Together, we look to eliminate the lack of communication that traditionally occurs when working with another video or photo personnel. This ensures we would potential nightmares which may be a result of competitive behavior, shot-blocking, or just a non-cooperative person. Additionally, we aim to save you money, through travel costs and an instant discount upon booking. We know and understand the stresses that go into running and planning a successful wedding, so we streamlined the booking process and will be happy to solve micro problems if they do arise during your wedding. We can’t wait to celebrate with you! Let’s get started: Annie: W: Luke: W: