Q: Do you have Packages?

A: 90% of wedding videographers use this method. I decided to take a different route as I strive to be non-traditional in everything I do. This can be exemplified in my films, my business model and my personality. However, after using the package system I discovered that couples were struggling to decide whether or not they need 2, 4, 7 cameras during the ceremony, drone coverage, or 8k resolution??? I shoot every wedding with all the same professional-grade equipment. Additionally, I plan on flying my drone every wedding (her name’s Jane BTW), with no upcharge. I realized the more I focus on upselling the less I’m actually focused on why I got into this in the first place. I want couples to work with me because they can’t get enough of my unique films rather than booking me because I have a $20,000 cinema camera.

Q: Ok, so what do you offer then Luke?

A: Stylistic Options! Rather than worrying about what you need in a package, you get to work with the cinematographer directly to customize your personal style. That’s the simplest way of explaining the outcome of my films. Comparing apples to apples has never been easier with example videos above each stylistic option on my website under the “Collections” page. I have never seen anyone use this method nor anything similar. So the stylistic method lives on, I would be more than happy to clear things up over the phone if things still don’t make sense.

Q: Do you travel?

A: Do I? Believe it or not, all I want to do is travel. I previously had a fixed rate however with COVID things are often unpredictable and for that reason, I have a simple questionnaire I send. Once that’s filled out I will send a travel quote (separate from the stylistic option).

Q: Can you film my Elopement?

A: Absolutely! I believe that being in the presence of nature brings the best version of yourself out. Rivers, fields, forests, deserts, lakes, snowstorms I do it all and have the proper equipment for all of it. Pricing starts at $1,850 (within 100 miles away excluding taxes)

Q: When do I receive my film?

A: Typically within 3-6 months, but often sooner

Q: Do you have add-ons?

A: Of course, I will go over them on our pre-booking phone call, video chat, or preferably a meet-up. Some of my favorite add-ons are ‘story session’ (engagement shoot), ‘Weekend Wedding’ (events leading up to the wedding), and ‘Rehearsal Dinner’

Q: I love your couple shot, do we get those in our film?

A: Yes! I generally suggest 10-30 mins with you guys after the ceremony when the sun is setting. This gives me a lot of opportunities to diversify your film. A cherished piece of history, this will be the only opportunity you will have to capture a once in a lifetime intimate moment, just after becoming husband and wife. We can ALWAYS just not include it in your film, but we cant re-shoot it.

Q: What if I look like Mr. Bean in one of the shots?

A: Rest assured you can put your confidence in me that I will always capture your good side.

Q: What’s your booking process look like?

A: After having spoken with you as a couple and we mutually decide to continue, I will shoot over the contract and an invoice for the 30% non-refundable deposit. Once the payment has been completed and the contract has been signed, your wedding date is secured in our official 8mm calendar. The remaining balance is split into four payments starting 4 months prior to the wedding day, the next payment is due every month after the first payment until the final payment is complete a month prior to the wedding date.