Luke Rodgers

Wedding Videographer

Why 8mm? 

8 millimeter (8mm) was the first film my parents used when making home videos of my brothers and I growing up. Old 8mm film evokes familiar, hard to describe feelings we all know and understand, but cannot easily define. 


You may have experienced the feeling of nostalgia when flipping through your old high-school year book, or while viewing old childhood videos, remembering your first dog, or your first kiss — it is this feeling we all know, yet cannot easily define that I intend on striking within my work.


8mm film provides those feelings, and my work reflects this unique passion. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and I look forward to preserving it for you in such a way that when you, your children, or your grandchildren watch your wedding film, they too will feel how you felt when you said “I do.”